The beauty of StreetSmart is its simplicity. It is an innovative, easy fundraising project which works during the holiday months when people begin to think about those less fortunate.

How it Works



A small 3″ x 2¼” information card is placed on tables in participating restaurants. When the guests are seated, the server simply invites the guests to participate in the StreetSmart Project and points to the information card. There is no “hard sell” or pressure of any kind.



At the end of their meal when the bill is presented, the guests have the option of allowing the server to add a $1 donation to their bill. If there are 4 guests at a table, this is only $0.25 each. The StreetSmart Project is voluntary, so guests are not required to donate if they do not wish to. They are also free to increase their donation if they choose to.



At the end of the StreetSmart Campaign, the restaurant sends all the money that was raised during the previous month to StreetSmart. This is done electronically by way of an e-transfer from the restaurant’s bank to StreetSmart’s bank, with no need to write a cheque. StreetSmart then distributes 100% of the funds raised in all restaurants to the food bank in the community.

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