About StreetSmart Canada

The History of StreetSmart

In 1998, a team of determined and selfless individuals in London, England came together with one common goal: to end hunger and homelessness in their city. They harnessed the spirit of the holidays and raised money in restaurants for charities, hostels and programs that help bring adults and children off the streets.

Today, StreetSmart is active around the world:

The United Kingdom »

Since 1998, £4.2 million has been raised for the homeless and over 90 homeless charities benefit from the campaign.

South Africa »

In 2005, in Cape Town they began with the goal of helping street children by funding education, skills training and family reunification programs. As of now, 76 restaurants are participating by enabling their guests to add a R5 donation to their table’s bill. This allowed them to raise R1.3 million in 2010.

Australia »

Starting in 2003, they have raised and distributed over AUD$1,600,914 to 362 grassroots projects. For the six weeks before Christmas, StreetSmart partners with over 250 restaurants to ask guests to donate AUD$2 or more by adding that amount on to their bill.

New Zealand »

India »